I saw this today and actually cried. The couples are so sweet and I’m so tender! 🙂

Having someone to hug is so important. I have some people who just don’t know how to sit into a hug and maybe it is because they don’t want to connect and then lose that connection. there are so many reasons NOT to give a hug or enjoy it. Pain, pride and shame being the top reasons I see.

For me hugs are therapeutic but I don’t want hugs from just anyone. When you carry stuff on you emotionally or spiritually, it messes with this HSP. Also hugs in a large group are awkward because people stare and all those feelings or what your paranoid mind thinks they may be thinking come out. I hug a woman too long and I am suddenly gay. I hug a man for too long and we are suddenly dating.

Yet, hugs are essential.

I had one guy who gave the best hugs. He was like a brother but we could dance together and hug. I miss that kind of relationship where it is simply enjoying a person physically and not crossing the boundary into sex and romance. I don’t really understand why it has to be this way as an adult. There are so many guys that I enjoy but I want to enjoy them this way and that is considered a ‘stumbling block’ so I just let it go.

I need hugs and I don’t want them to be seen as dirty or turned into something dirty by a guy who doesn’t get that sexual contact and physical are too different things. If you can’t keep it in your pants, than we need to have different friends.

I had a group of friends in the past that were all close and as each got married I gave space because they needed time to focus and I didn’t want to interrupt or seen as trying to ‘steal someone’s person’. Yet, now that time has gone by, I find this hole where those people used to be. Male or female I don’t have the people that I could curl up on the floor in a huddle like a pile of puppies. The innocence of this is amazing if you’ve ever had it.

This was my happy.

I need my happy back.