Don’t you think he’ll leave you while you’re gone?

Why I Travel Alone As A Married Woman

Reading this blog was a little hard for me. On the one hand, Girl Power! On the other, looking back at all of the ways I allowed someone else to dictate me life and schedule and feeling dumb.

Reading: “Don’t you think he’ll leave you while you’re gone?” Made me sit up and really read the article.

I’m not married but how many times have I done or not done something because someone told me something stupid like this?

This is on the basis of their own insecurities within their own past and present relationships. These questions come from a place of hurt that most likely I don’t have if I’m willing to think about certain adventures. My personal passions and desires shouldn’t be put on hold till I’m a retiree just because someone else has cut off their own passions.

My Point of View matters and I am really only just learning this, and that sucks. It feels like the first half of my life was for nothing. My past thinking, based in others POV would say this.

Yet, this morning I was imagining a Miyage kind of moment. All that training means everything the moment you smash your partner to the floor for the first time or even better you put your master on the floor! You maybe whacked out tired by the end of it but you did it after so many years of training.

This matters to me.

My time matters to me.

Good lord, I may have been doing it wrong the whole time but now I am gliding through the answers. I am finding my footing in this life of mine and that is the important part.

I just needed to stop being everybody else to do it.