As uncomfortable as this man is to look at he has a great story attached to him. The story of Toriko-> is by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro and is a bit of a Sherlock and Watson story. It follows a chef who follows a gourmet hunter on his adventure.

This guy ain’t normal!! Let me say if you have read Hunter x Hunter and liked than you will enjoy this story. The premise is very similar in that there are people who are weirdly able to do just anything, have impressive aura abilities and are just plain quirky. This guy is just like that. He is super strong and passionate about food to the point of weirdness. I like the balance between him and the chef because they ground one another better.

It is violent and bloody, warning. It can also be crass and I mean this solely in watching this guy eat. Ugh. However I still think it is my new series but with fewer than 45 volumes (41) this will go by just as quick as Hunter x Hunter did, and I had to slow down! A friend of mine recommended once, however, that you should just enjoy a story at your own pace and then if you really did enjoy it, go back for seconds. 🙂

Finding a new world where things just barely make sense is pretty cool for me. I rarely get to just let my mind imagine the improbable let alone the impossible so this is a good respite for me. 🙂