Leverage PosterIf you have not seen Leverage you are missing out in so very many ways. Leverage is a TV show about a bunch of thieves who are brought together by an ex-insurance agent to help a guy who was stolen from. This turns into a setup and they are almost killed for it. They get the guy back but they have so much fun, make so much money that they don’t want to go back to their old lives.

They decide they want to follow Nate, the mastermind of it all. He has mega issues throughout the whole show but is human about is annoying habits so though I got annoyed about how long it takes him to get over himself, I got used to it.

Main characters:

  1. Sophie Devereaux (Not her real name): the grafter, person who gets people to do what they want via a whole litany of psychology/manipulation tactics.
  2. Eliot Spencer: The hitter, bodyguard of the team…sort of, he’s great at a lot.
  3. Alec Hardison: the hacker. Best known for “Age of the geek, baby.”
  4. Parker: Thief, who is emotionally odd but has an awesome journey.

There is so much to love about this show. From the wonderful layers of planning from Nate Ford, to the comedy and banter from everyone, bromance between Hardison and Eliot, the will they-WHY HAVEN’T THEY? from Parker and Hardison, the deeper subjects that are explored throughout like grief. The show is a whole masterpiece for me. It has everything.

I noticed, of course, the people that I wanted to be more like and what I would want to do on a team like this. I wanted to be like Parker in her fearlessness and I identified with her emotional and social challenges, yet, I loved Hardison! I am all about that geek life but the idea of sitting at a computer for so long and coding? No, thank you.

Each time they helps someone I wonder about how I could build a team in real life that could help people in a fun and cool way. Ahh. dreams.

It has 5 seasons but though you can binge it, you can miss a lot so I say 2-4 episodes at a shot. 4 is only if you are really a binge watcher. You can get a little wrapped up in the action if you have too much and want to go mess up some people. Trust me, you most likely don’t have the skills and really need a team for this.

Though this is something I want to add to my life, taking the skills I have and using them in such a bold way, without the thought of jail time of course. 😉