Good Day

Today 2 things happened.

  1. I went to the doctor. (Finally.)
  2. I finally got someone on the phone to deal with insurance stuff.
  3. Went to Ikea

Both of these were really weighing heavily on my mind. I wanted to just get the bills paid and everyone kept telling me it was possible but not actually doing it. NOW, in 1-3 business days, it will be!

My doctor on the other hand, well he was a trip. He’s not my normal doctor but hey, it was an emergency. He told me:

  1. Comparing me to a car: If the problem isn’t the motor, we check the electrical.
  2. Three exercises, until I can get do normal exercises.
  3. No reading in bed. (\O0O/)
  4. I get to eat little junk food bites until I get my weight back under control.

Pretty much it was all stress. I had a neck problem that I dealt with in June though it had been going on for longer. When that was over, my stomach became and issue right after. Neck problems can lead to stomach problems, who knew! Also the race issues that have been so hard on my family have created so much tension and now, here are the results for me the HSP.

All of this has me waking up more to who I am. One day in the future I really hope to love on my family of HSP, empaths and introverts and help them to really love on themselves. Not be so deep on ‘one day at a time’. That is important in the beginning but you shouldn’t live like that. I’ve been living that way for so long, I forgot the feel of the sun. 😉