Darkness fading

A friend of mine and I seem to be on the exact same path. She hurts and I bolster her and then I hurt and she bolsters me with the same words. Then we reverse this. I’ve been in the pain a bit longer than her and have a bit more healing on board. When I heard this Underwood song I thought of her. I got healing and am still in it and now she is starting her quest for healing and I want her to know that it will happen.

She may or may not read this but I want this here for her. This is important, she will get better even if it takes time, and boy should she take her personal time and not dwell on other’s sense of time. She also likes dancing and I wanted her to see this type. 🙂

I love dance and having this injury has been so hard since dancing has been out of the question. Shoot, walking has been out of the question at some points. Today, though, I danced. I danced like I didn’t care that there may be pain tomorrow. I danced like I believed this stuff. I danced my heart out to the one who I care most about.

Image result for dance like no ones watchingThat heavy dark mist is slowly burning away. It’s like for once I am letting this light inside of me shine and is burning away the dark that is shrouded around me and I’m getting better. Does this mean I ‘m still going to therapy? YES! I need solutions to make sure this doesn’t happen again and make sure that everything else is alright.

Oh and <this IS a BBC Sherlock nod, in case you were wondering. ^^