Ignoring the compass

Today was bad. I spent most of it just holding on because tomorrow I have to make a very important call. Physically it was like I had this lump in my stomach and I ate one meal and just didn’t know how to convince myself to eat. I just had a really bad day, overall.

A few minutes ago I sat there and just told myself, I’m going to make that call on another day and this…overwhelming cry came out of me. My mind has been so focused on ‘getting the job done’ because waiting will put me in the weekend when they aren’t open but this caused me to ignore all my feelings and what I need. I keep forgetting that this time for me is slower than the norm.

So, now I’m trying this:http://theblissfulmind.com/2015/12/07/start-a-self-care-routine/

A power hour for just me.

I have done the first two parts just now and the feeling is…something. I’ve had a clarity moment. I’m about to work on the last segment but I do warn that you can easily get distracted so having the pause button on your timer is good. I read some fiction for the mind, listened to some hard music for my soul and will now go take a nap. Just sitting though has caused me to see some really interesting truths about myself. Good lord, this maybe…no IS what I need.