UngiftedGordan Korman has really brought a small gem out into the world that sparkles fiercely. I love it. I was considered a ‘gifted’ kid. Somewhere in there I got super mad though. I was treated like a queen but my friends who weren’t ‘gifted’ were treated like the stuff in an Amazon box that surrounds whatever you really wanted.

Donovan Curtis in this case probably isn’t even that stuff. He’s the Robin Williams (RIP) or Jim Carrey of his class. Which is great when they are adults but would you really like to be their teacher? Think about some things like the amounts of farts and sitting on their heads they do that is unscripted? Now, imagine trying to teach social studies and deal with that. THIS is Donovan. He does stuff that is wild and for no real reason that makes since. He messes up big time though. He makes a mess and gets caught by the superintendent. Which would be great if this pretentious guy had put his name on the right paper. Instead Donovan (love that name) ends up in a school for the gifted and puts some much needed life and balance into the students lives and they his.

Some may see this as easy to see the end but I don’t really care, I liked it. I especially loved Image result for sherlock word for someone who is attracted to intelligenceNoah. I had a dude in school who was just as amazing as Noah but with a better sense of humor. I miss that guy. 🙂 Not saying I’m sapiosexual but man that guy was awesome.

All the kids in this story, they are in middle school so I will say kids in this case, are super adorable. They all begin to fight for Donovan, too and become more than simple schoolmates and more like family…or how schoolmates are supposed to be, maybe.

This story is fairly PG, too. I think it is for young adults but who cares it brings up some really good points.

I became a different person after seeing how the ‘gifted-talented’ kids were treated versus the ‘ungifted’. The ‘gifted’ would be treated great even if they were mean and jerks and their egos sky-rocketed because of it. Only really one of my ‘friends’ from that time was normal and her family really put a high emphasis on God and morals to make her that way. She came out wonderfully by the way, became a nurse and is so sweet.

Treating people like they are the greats versus the not greats and then blaming them for their misfortunes? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Giving someone less and then shaking your head with a sigh after they don’t do well, saying they should have tried harder? That’s like giving one person $1000 for a weeks of food and $5 to another for a week of food and when one starves and the other prospers, saying that they $5 guy should have tried harder. Thank you, not helping.

We need to balance each other and act like we are all one community instead of a bunch of individuals all against one another.