Book: One for the Murphy’s

One for the MurphysThis is usually not my type of book but the story was really what I needed right now. I do add that it is not really a Happily Ever After that I prefer but it is worth it in the right season.

Lynda Hunt produced a story of a teen in foster for a short period of time. Her stepdad beat her and her mother very badly and she ends up in foster till her mother is out of physical rehab. She begins to make some deep roots too.

Hmm in the time that I have been reading this I have had to face my own issues. The fear of reaching out is a biggie. Yeah it may help but what happens when it isn’t there? I don’t want to get attached and then be left with nothing as I have in the past. I had 2 friends literally just leave and I didn’t hear from them for years. Not ‘friends’ but people I considered family. They had whole other lives I didn’t know about and then they just left without a word. I got why Carley didn’t want to be hugged or loved. It’s too easy to comfortable and have it taken or worse the person really isn’t sincere. Like sitting in a chair and then the chair just collapses under you.

I loved Michael Eric and wished I could meet a kid like this in person but considering I have 2 like this already I should just go visit. 🙂

There is a little violence forewarning and it will make you mad, but pull through, it will be okay! Also I would love to see a second to this book. If Hunt never makes one I will consider ‘Dear Mr. Knightley’ by Katherine Raey to be it’s somehow counterpart. 😉