Talk geeky to me

Movies - Avengers: When someone makes fandom references. Me: Finally, someone who speaks English.: “Your dog is so old you should dress him up as Gandalf!”

Oh good lord. *shots fired*

A friend said this to another friend and being between them I thought, “Wow you should not say such things about her precious.” (pun intended) and on the other I just couldn’t stop laughing enough to be helpful. when I get a person who just speaks my language it is like the sun.

I want more moments like this.

My family is more…all about ministry but not so much about God himself who is why I’m a Christian, lots of them have kids so it becomes about that too. With the racial tension right now it is also about this, all the time. I want to talk about all kinds of things that aren’t really ‘polite dinner conversation’ because it gets so boring but also because this is what fills me up. All the things I’m passionate about, I make room for it in my own place and if no one makes room for it than…well…

In the past I would just shrug it off…now though, it just…hurts. How long has it been hurting? Ugh. I don’t want someone to force geekery but neither do I want it to be ignored. I had/have (it’s complicated) a friend who was VERY apathetic toward all my geekery. At first no big deal, we were just getting to know one another. It wasn’t until after the relationship hit a major hump in the road and we weren’t really talking that an observer mentioned that often my friend would belittle or be downright mean to me about lots of things. She didn’t do it in big ways, and I certainly didn’t notice, but when the observer heard she would just change the subject, becoming my and my friends protector when I fell off the cliff myself.

I still don’t know what that friend and I are going to do, it will be work to be here friend and vice versa, we’re really different but that’s not bad. But we do need more respect for each other and not our ‘eccentricities’ (which makes it seem like who we are is just weird and we can overcome each other’s weirdness.) but just who we are.

Now I leave with my ray of sunshine and ‘can’t we all get along’ bumper stickers.