Nice=romance? What?

So true..: So I’m not a teen, but this relates to me so much. I have had so many guys who began to I don’t know, send signals? It all started because I was nice, listened intently while they talked and looked them in the eye. LIKE AN INTELLIGENT, CONFIDENT NICE PERSON IS SUPPOSED TO DO!

When I REALLY want a guy to be my boyfriend? I’m going to do more than be nice to you. I’m going to sling pick-up lines at you, I’m going to flirt like I’m going to take you right here and now, I’m going to be the courtesan you marry because I’m too good to let go.

HOWEVER, that guy will also not JUST be nice to me. He will also be singing Disney at me, speaking geek to me, loving me like his sensei was God himself.

THIS is the kind of like/love I want, and if you are willing to settle for me just being nice to you? You will never be able to handle the full Monty of my love so you should just walk away now. I am the Ted Mosby who will do a rain dance just so you won’t hook-up with someone else, the one who is all in all the time, I’m intense and vivacious and special and I don’t just give myself to anyone romantically and when I do it will be nothing short of glorious!

So please, take this nice answer before I give you the shotgun answer. 🙂