Giving up a good show

The Mentalist PosterHappy September!

One of my favorite shows used to be The Mentalist. I love a Sherlock type character. I love a good mystery to be honest. 🙂 I love the fact that there is a person out there who reads people (for a living) and using psychology puts plans in place to either help them or catch them.

…..There’s only one real problem with this, I’m highly sensitive. What makes the show so interesting to me is the reason I have to give it up.

The show also enjoys a running serial killer throughout, Red John, who is only found in…the second to last season? The imagery is vivid and the struggle is real for Patrick Jane, the mentalist. The story revolves around his search for the killer who killed his wife and daughter because Jane decided he would try to catch Red John using fake psychic powers. Jane got ‘too big for his britches’ to Red John.

This little addition of serial killers gives me strange dreams. Though the show ended in 2015, it has reruns and I began to watch again. In watching I very slowly began to recall why I stopped. As three times within a 2 week period I find myself waking up from a nightmare where a serial killer was involved and real fear rests on me, I have to remind myself of the ‘real world’. The world where there is no serial killer after me and all is well. When the house creaks though it is harder to go back to sleep in peace. Shadows become hands reaching to me and sleeping in the dark seems like asking to be killed.

I stopped watching Criminal Minds because this happened. The show was so good but at the end of the night  would walk slowly to my room my senses heightened for what may lurk in the dark. Sleep evaded me as my mind was alert to all the possibilities of cruelty the world has to offer.

Caution should not become paranoia unless someone is actually following you.

Within weeks of cutting ‘Criminal Minds’ from my eye diet I could drift comfortably to sleep. So I guess I am back to a new diet, cut the fat so that I can maintain my current weight! (I don’t really do diets so I hope that sentence made sense….)

Man, this sucks! I really  enjoy this show! Patrick Jane’s pranks are some of the funniest things and his use of skill is one I wish I could emulate if I was a manipulative person. Too many things could go wrong however so nooo thank you!