So this year is the first time I have really ever watched the Olympics and I just thought this video was epic. I really enjoyed watching Phelps and Adrian do their thing in the swim competitions. Adrian’s smile is so wonderful and sparkly! Watching the gymnastics I began to question my lack of ‘go get it attitude’, those people really pushed the envelope. I applaud all the people who pushed their bodies to the limit and do such incredible things. I will say to NBC, even if USA didn’t win, can you please interview the winners? Goodness.^^

Oh and thanks Brazil! Your country and people are amazing!

Though now I’m also really excited for the Olympics in Japan. I’m really thinking of going and when I told a friend about it they got very excited. It helps that he lives in Japan! He has a whole plan on how to cater to me.^^ When he was in the U.S. I did it for him and now to have the chance to pay me back? Haha he seems very happy. It is 4 years away but still he is happy. And I’m happy too. I really want to learn Japanese and this seems to be a good reason to press in. Maybe I will be able to surprise him and speak his language by that time? Hahaha it would be epic.