Food Wars!

食戟のソーマ ア・ラ・カルト I [Shokugeki no Souma A Ra Karuto I] (Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma ~à la carte~, #1)

Honestly one of my favorite manga….hmmm they are all kind of my favorite in a way….no matter.

This is Shokugeki no Soma it has 4 people involved and instead of just one. This is normal in a manga. A person can have a good story but not be much of an illustrator. (I’m like this. Not detail oriented enough for it.) Yuto Tsukuda (original creator), Shun Saeki (illustrator, Yuki Morisaki (chef) and Michiko Itou (author). How cool is that? To have an actual chef involved in order to better portray the food.

And BOY does it portray the food well.

The story is about a young man who enters into an elite cooking school that puts out the finest chefs in the entire world. They are not elite in that thy are wealthy either. They are elite because they are given the best and pushed to the brink. Like diamonds made from coal their brilliance is brought out.

I will warn that it can be a bit ecchi, meaning that the people can sometimes be kind of naked but in a way that stirs the senses but doesn’t involve sex. Like a Carl’s Jr. ad! Most of the time it is all about the food but then suddenly a person tastes the food and the food is so good they are propelled into this food orgasm where their clothes are off. I have made it a bit more poetic and erotic but I wanted to say it this way so you are not so completely thrown or surprised.

This story explores the full realm of cooking but with a knowledge that only a chef could bring. As a foodie, and with a family member who is a chef, I was not only surprised by the wealth of knowledge but impressed as well. I have even brought out my own pan after seeing the wonderful karaage, which is just fried popcorn chicken but they marinate it before so it adds a layer of flavor that is powerful.

The story is not complete, as most mangas aren’t but you can reach a stopping point if it bothers you. (When Yukihara’s hair changes you should stop.)

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, it is a good read but gets so exciting at times that you will want to call a friend and see if they know about something in it or you may want to try it yourself. It really isn’t a ‘rainy day’ book. It’s a ‘sunny day’ book when you have a chance to go to the supermarket and grab some items and try it at home. ^^