Your thoughts?

Important to remember:


So……yeah this is a great idea in principle but I also see this as something else. When I have said “I accept your apology’ to someone in the past. There’s this look that crosses their face.

“How dare you”

“You were actually mad? Whatever!”

“Who do you think you are, high and mighty princess!”

“What do you want from me?”

It’s as if they don’t really believe that this is a problem until you say that and then, more often then not, they get affronted by this.

Maybe it’s just the bad people I’ve dealt with in the pat, I don’t know but I do think that it is hard work to deal with people. It’s the ridicule that makes one stop. Must I fight for EVERYTHING? I really don’t mind that…..

No wait a minute! I do! I do mind that everything I have to say has to be neutered for everyone’s personal pain. WE ALL HAVE PAIN! But instead of helping each other, empathizing and being positive we let all the people who have ever messed us up, mess up all the other relationships we have.

And I don’t want that anymore.

I’m gonna need a second to think about this…