Angry rant game

@des5399 @aaronquartemont WE NEED TO DO THIS:

So when I first saw this I was VERY intrigued. Then a friend came over and I thought YEEEESSSSSS. ‘Let’s do this thing!'(hmmmm….I all of a sudden don’t remember where this quote came from….OH Ratatouille!)

Either way, she didn’t think it would work so her first choice was ‘leaves’. It was fantastic, I started in about leaves on the ground, all in the way, and had her laughing. I called my mum since I knew she could do it to and she starts in on ‘Carbon’ and makes it sound so convincing my friend is shaking from laughter. My friend got ‘oranges’ and man I she actually had something to say about it! TOO EASY!

It is so fun to have a game where you do something so normal to life but not take it seriously. I thought how great is it to let off some steam and not have to be thinking of hurting someone’s feelings or to be ACTUALLY angry at something.

I even showed my friend how to be more positively passionate instead of negatively angry.

I often get mad and then I have nowhere to take my anger; having this game was therapeutic. The world is not a nice place and so to have a place to release all the pent up emotion is my newest way to ‘be angry and sin not’.

I look forward to new un games and ways to release emotion without hurting myself or others, it is truly something I wish to avoid from now on.