One Piece

So this week has been a bit heavy so I thought let’s take another break. Life is wonderful in that way. Often we have chances to provide ourselves with respite, and I highly encourage it. Some would say that it is simply running from your problems and I agree. To run away is a form of freedom and life. I can enjoy more than one lifetime if I do so. ^^

One Piece, Volume 01: Romance Dawn (One Piece, #1)

This one of my favorite manga and is by Eiichiro Oda. I read it quite on a whim but fell in silly love with it. It was light, sometimes vulgar, always stupidly funny but had a deep heart to it.

The story is about a young man who decides he wants to be the Pirate King and he gathers quite a few friends and enemies a long his way.

The twist? This boy don’t know how to be a pirate! He ain’t no pirate! LOL He’s a young guy who just wants adventure and doesn’t want to have to be the ‘savior’ along the way. He’s Iron Man to be honest. He OFTEN saves people, but he doesn’t want to be Captain America. One of the best things he says (not a direct quote) is that he doesn’t want to be a hero because heroes have to share their meat. (His addiction) His first mate later brings this up verbatim saying he doesn’t want to be a hero because he doesn’t want to share his alcohol!

I guess I really love this story because:

  1. Sometimes you just need superficial fun.
  2. I love adventure….and pirates.
  3. I don’t want to be the hero, I want to keep my books and save when I am able.
  4. The characters are SO unique.
  5. Luffy  and everyone on the ship may be goofy but they have good hearts. They remind of my family in this.

Is it vulgar and violent? Yes. PG-13? Most of the time, sometimes it can be a bit R rated honestly. Sexual? Ummm the character are dressed scantily but sex doesn’t happen. I’d say if you are sick for a bit and just need to stay awake but are too medicated for something like War and Peace, go for this. You will get hooked and will continue after your sick.


Oh and this is my favorite character:

Image result for tony tony chopper

His name is Tony Tony Chopper and he’s the ships doctor.
Also the sweetest reindeer ever.