The False Prince

Let’s take a break and talk about books!

I have two great loves in this world. God and stories/humans.
Humans are a walking story and stories rarely go without humans. (Pixar proved they don’t need no man!)
So I thought we could talk about this story. Officially it is classified as a young adult and in places can be….easy to anticipate, but it is still WAY worth the read.

The False Prince (The Ascendance Trilogy, #1)

This is part of the Ascendance Trilogy by Jennifer A. Nielsen and because it is a trilogy and anything will give out spoilers, I will count all three as one great epic story. There are a few stories that are like this for me so I will count them as one whole thing unless I just don’t like one, and I’ll tell in advance, k?

So this story is the usual Aladdin story. Orphan ends up in a VERY awkward position because a guy wants to take the throne. (Do your own flipping dirty work you narcissistic, can’t get your hands dirty politician! not hating on politicians, just the bad ones.) Of course he gets in trouble, of course things go bad!

Yet this particular orphan is different in that he has a plan. Things go according to how HE chooses and he is the ultimate chess player throughout the series. For me the ‘dumb orphan being used’, well I get mad. Most people are awesome and can adapt beautifully.
I personally did things before I was 10 that still make me wonder how I even thought of that. Kids are intelligent and to look so down on the ‘poor orphan’, does anyone else hear how that sounds? He has no parents so we can think he’s stupid? Really?
Whatever, this story doesn’t do that and has a fresh take. Is it violent? Yes. Is it vulgar? No. Is there sex? No. Is there a romance? Yeah, but super soft and not really the main point. All in all a good read for me, and if you read fast, I’d pace myself. This one goes quick and kinda leaves you wanting more (in a good way).