Delay the real world

What a strange idea, no matter what you are doing you are in the ‘real’ world and yet I am still fascinated by this book.

Truth is that I love travel and want to plan an around the world trip soon. So I got a book (First Time Around the World by Doug Lansky) and it reminded me that if I do anything I need to be doing things I like since there are so many opportunities to do so. This pushed me to look at a few others and I landed on this book: Delaying the Real World by Colleen Kinder.

She starts with some great ’10 commandments’ since we all like a few rules to get us going. ^^ She then has examples and I have already placed a hold for it at my library since I need more ideas and reminders of what I am passionate about since they are parked so deep within me.

So far I have found several documents to find scholarships as well as articles to get me started. (So that’s how people insert other sites!! How secretly fun)

Amazingly I am already finding things that are interesting but not the usual ideas. Ex: Party Planner in Vegas. I have a small-med crush on Vegas and have been trying to go for years to just look around and see all they have to offer. I also have family and people who have invited me enjoy their church services. What an opportunity if I were able to do all of it by staying Vegas working for some hotel for awhile. The best of a bunch of my separate worlds. 🙂 Maybe I can get a bunch of these planned and then connect them to my around the world ticket. ^^