Where are you going?

Where are you going?

It’s time for me to start asking this question.

If you are going to Paris for the weekend and I am going to Korea for a month with weekend trips to Tokyo than why would we board the same plane?

Life is a lot the same. People want to put a lot of input into your life and they aren’t believing in the same things as you, they aren’t doing what you will ever do and yet they say you are wrong in what you are doing because they are thinking of themselves.

Who gets this?? When people laugh and mock me for things I do and how I think I remind myself that they don’t live in this body, I do.  Recently my friend and I had an argument about how spicy some food was. No it’s not spicy, it’s spicy to me, it’s not spicy. Back and forth until finally I said ‘It is spicy to me and I am the only one who lives in here.’ and then I didn’t comment when she brought it up. It was hard not too, and when my little brother also looked at me incredulously I wanted to bend but I thought, if I can win this tiny little argument then later maybe I can win a battle or two and then later maybe I can win a war. My boss told me to do something that usually I would say yes to without thinking but I grew a bit uncomfortable and this time I honored that discomfort and said no. It was tiny and he mocked me and a friend of mine had to do it which made it worse but I didn’t back down because I wanted to say no. And finally I won another small little battle but one a little larger than the first.^^ AND no broken relationships because of it.