Leaves vs Apples

For me this year has been all about rest and many of the people I know don’t get this.
I have done this before and I was considered a freeloader by many even when unspoken.
Yet in this time I found something wonderful:
– I was building leaves!

If anyone has seen any kind of plant they know there are leaves and fruit, branches and roots and the main ‘trunk’. However the leaves and roots are the most important to the tree and the fruit is most important to those who enjoy the tree. I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. However, if people were to do what they most often do but as a tree and focus only on producing the fruit so others could be happy…they would die. The leaves and roots are the only way the tree can live and yet most people only focus on the fruit or roots that are already grown and are there more to show you where you personally are coming from as opposed to anyone else in the world with their beliefs or heritage.

The leaves are your number one asset and trees have more of them most of the time than the fruit. How interesting.

For any Christians reading this: John 15: 1-17 talks about Jesus being the vine or the ‘trunk’ and people being the branches or extensions of himself. Check your fruit is what is always mentioned however, of course he didn’t have to say check your leaves, they are just a natural part of life. But in our fast paced life filled with distraction and go-get-em-American-non-stop-momentum…how many of us are dying and simply not living?