Be not afraid

Today I stayed home and stewed but that allowed me time to focus and gain energy. I have loads of fabric scattered throughout my room and many times I am afraid of the fabric. I am not Karl Lagerfeld or Eymerich Francois. I am Ariel and I don’t create the same way and many time it is FRUSTRATING because I think how the heck am I supposed to be one of the greats or even make clothes when everything I make looks cheap and unsophisticated…..

Today I found hope.

I found out that I have my own style, I have my own way of making things!!! I like taking patterns and such and making amazing things but that isn’t my way. Art isn’t really math and formulas though it can be and I have been approaching things this way instead of my way. If it is art than it doesn’t matter how I make it as long as I do and do it my way. When I do I’m not only happy about how it turned out, super amazing, but it’s also something I am proud of because I did it my way….to quote Frank Sinatra. 🙂