Each in turn so just get on the ride!

Disneyland is the best amusement park to me. I ‘kidnapped’ my little bro from school and took him for his bday, parent permission of course. We rode this huge roller coaster over 5 times, sometimes a few times in a row. It was amazing.

What if….What if I had simply allowed the people who were in behind me to go first? ALL of them? What if every time it was my turn I would let someone else go on the ride? That day would not have been great, in fact my little brother may have cried instead of remembering his great birthday with his older sister. I would not have had fun either.

Yet most of the time this is what people expect others to do . Let someone else go first so the rest of us can play. Let me enjoy myself and you can have the privilege of cleaning up my mess.

Does that make any sense? Naw, but its what a ton of people think even if they don’t say it. It’s how a ton of people act even if they don’t mean it.

Just get on the ride is the idea but for many people they don’t feel courageous to get on the ride let alone take time off from work just to take a family member somewhere fun and special. My life will be all about the memories and moments that I create. This idea applies for everyone.

There is compassion but then there is allowing death.

For many things I think we do things wrong, we have too much consideration, we give too much without take stock of ourselves, we get so invested we miss out on our own enjoyment. What is the point if we are not using our full talents. Each of us has talents and gifts that make us unique packages. However our capacity to enjoy, to take stock, to love…those are often forgotten and left out.