Checked the knee, roger ready to move on

So….I recently had a terrible moment. I went hiking with friends looking for cliff jumping sites…that would not kill us and it was a long time getting to where we ended up and then the water was FREEZING. It took me awhile to get in and when I did it was not the nice way. I slid on a algae covered rock and banged my knee so hard it bled. Making the hike back…severe. Hearing my friends laugh as I hit the rock and the feeling the water shake me to my core…not nice. I hid it from my parents in case they went nuclear and just said it was a long hike. I had too much to deal with on my mind to have them freak out too. I won’t forget the look on my friends face when they realized I was hurt. I could have asked for a car and gotten it I think. 🙂

This was months ago and the pain has been present so much that doing much of anything was out. I got to walk from my room to the kitchen sometimes!! Yay me.

Now though after a concert where I spent most of the time rocking out? I found my knee was okay as long as I didn’t go to hard, and when I do I just sit down. I finally got to go on a beloved walk with my father this week and not feel pain. A little stress but mild.

All of this is just like my life right now. I have been resting a lot since I got out of college because I literally had nothing left to give. I spent the month afterward literally sleeping almost every day. Keeping up conversations and appearances was near to impossible.

I don’t want to go back to that. Answer: start loving you and paying attention to you.

I’m not sure how ready I am but I am finding more and more strength every day.

I’m not fully ready but I’m going to check my ‘knee’ tomorrow and I might be ready for take off.