Life coaches…who knew

This week I was able to talk to a life coach, strange to think of me doing so but she was amazing.

Tanuja Ramchal:

Difference between a life coach and a mentor: mentor gives advice, coach simply points to what’s already inside.

As we talked it was like I knew exactly what I wanted 2 seconds before I verbalized it and had never taken time to think about it. Like talking to a friend about where to go for lunch and you know where you want to go but discard the idea or push it away because you are trying to be nice but this time I knew it was safe to think and say whatever I needed to say.

Kinda freaky. She sounded just like me, wanting more and hungry for it.

I need more people like this, willing to speak….willing to listen and hear. Willing to run out of the crazy cycle and be who they are.

Main point of the session that I got: Listen to yourself and know the difference between who you are and who you grew into. It will help you find the things you are truly passionate about.