Books: my memories, my life, my future

Books are very interesting to me. there are millions of books and yet they are more the stories of people, even the nonfiction or medical journals. People leave behind pieces of their story and we all find parts of ourselves in those stories. Fun thing is that there are books I have never read and books I will never read and books that I have read 50 times and they all make up pieces of my life. The past, present and future. My memories, my life and my future.

This is all to say I will add a page of books that I am finding hope in right now in life. of course by the time they get to you they will be my memories and maybe your future. Yes I have gotten a lot of the poison out of my system and so now I am in a way including other people on the planet.

But still…^^

Oh and I will be trying to get to have a direct link for the books in case people want to buy books directly or even better my family reads this and wants to buy Christmas gifts! You know, cuz Christmas is around the corner…:)