Fight when you have to

There are a lot of things I can fight for and against but the stuff that riles me to action are slim.

There are many times when people step on my dreams and ideals by accident, they don’t know what is in my heart or they simply don’t know how important it is to me. When you bring up that ‘hey I am interested in these things’ or worse try to defend than people brush off your comments as if they mean nothing.


that doesn’t work either because then people get all huffy because you are huffy. ‘No need to get so serious.’

But wait….this is the perfect time to get serious, these are my DREAMS, these are not hobbies or a job or passing acquaintance. These are at the core of who I am, these are the things that I have created out of the depths of my soul. If I don’t get serious over these thing than what should I get serious over, what CAN I get serious over?

‘I don’t like confrontation’ (See Rex from Toy Story) However, sometimes I get to the edge and know I have to jump off this cliff in order to fly away from the zombies chomping at the bit behind me.

So I fight when I have to, but now I am finding more and more moments where it is fight time, why? Because one day I woke up and decided that no one was keeping me in that little cage any more and I’m now following Robert Frost down the ‘road less traveled.’

….and truth is? In a fight, I fight like Ender Wiggin, I win this battle and all the ones after it. That’s not a challenge or a threat either. It’s a warning and a promise…and there is a bit of hope for ya 🙂 (See ‘define’ post.)