It is easy to know the answer to the above equation but what if you don’t have another 1.

Question: If happiness leads to joy than what precursors hope?

I know that my brothers make me happy and time with my family on our weekly Wednesday meal brings me joy.

however what brings me hope?

I looked this one up. Hope definition:


Hope is the state which promotes the desire of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one’s life or in the world at large.


  1. To want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true
  2. To cherish a desire with anticipation

Next step synonyms to hope according to thesaurus.com: anticipation promise, wish, goal, faith, expectation, aspiration, belief, confidence

There is more, but you have a computer obviously.

So here I find that my wishes, my goals , my expectations and even my faith are precursors or at least parts of what it takes to get hope.

God help me, right now I want to go yell at someone and leap for joy and stay awake all night thinking abut this.

My mum once told me about how she Truly dislikes when people say to people in the hospital ‘don’t get there hopes up.’ (she used to work in a hospital so I give her latitude) She will say, in her tirade :), Get your hopes up, get them WAY up.

I never got the point of that. Why would you tell a hurt person to have hope when there isn’t any? Now that I have been an emotional wreck and am only recently picking up the pieces I think…I need hope because if not I won’t make it.

I began to shake in the middle of writing this and realized the last time I ate was….well I’m not really sure when I ate, but it had been hours at least. So I got a burrito, they are truly amazing, you can put anything in them. Hope reminds me of the same thing. If I don’t have great or high expectations than emotionally I will begin to falter and shake and how will I have courage to help anyone else if I am starving myself?