Release me!!!

I have spent my life in a cage.

A cage I allowed people to build around me.

It was my own personal trap: I will live how you tell me to live until I have ascertained if what you tell me is true or false and then I will choose to follow what everyone says or not to.

When I left college I took one whole year to heal and do nothing, parent approved of course. i read, watched movies and did whatever I felt like. in that time I slowly began to evaluate the world I lived in, this cage that everyone says is the one I need to live in.

I looked at God, I looked at my career, I looked at my relationships, I looked at everyone and what they had taught me.

Came out with this point: you people are awful at this life thing.

What you don’t truly understand you make up instead of waiting for a better answer; put people in holes that even you hate because this is the way of the world, not looking at the fact that it is your world and it is YOU who make it terrible or amazing.

WOW, I have been WAITING to say that!

Stop saying how the world is and take control of it. If it’s gruesome it is your fault, if it isn’t fair, well than at least change your attitude so it doesn’t stink for the rest of us. CHANGE YOUR OWN DIAPER!!!

So I have made my evaluations and made my decision: I’m going with Jesus Christ, I’m not ever going back to school if I can avoid it, I’m getting married and am going to be WELL good at it and I will live in a box, called the TARDIS.

So now: release me!!

And understand I am being polite for right now. The next step I take will be over you, through you, away from you or with you, that one is your choice.