Confirm my existence!

I have been looking for others just like me for YEARS. *sigh*

How’s that working for every body else??

It’s junk I tell you!!

Just find that perfect mate, that best friend, your perfect company, the industry where you just ‘fit in’.

If I could just find one I would be ahead of the game!!!

I have never looked for a person to complete me, I’m just looking for the people who will help me slay dragons and go into the dark tunnels and be cool when I’m not and say the right thing when I can’t even talk because I’m so mad or frustrated or in the ‘next person to talk will die’ kind of moment.

I’m in my twenties and I have found ONE person who even kind of fits that bill. He’s just like me and a true brother if I had any.

But that’s one! Many of my friends I find are the people who would slay the dragons and go into the tunnels…. if we had any time for each other. We try to make the effort and many times we are so close it feels like flying or dancing, life is completely possible.

…but then we have to go home and days and weeks go by and we don’t see each other and again I look for someone to see me and tell me that I am not just an extra in someone else’s movie, that I am not just a program in the Matrix.

Let me feel something other than this relentless pain of our world.