My Sexy underwear stash….I’m so gonna get in trouble :)

There are things deep inside that I found out mostly aren’t sold on the main market nor are they very popular since what moves any person at any given time is so personal.

That’s why the underwear industry is so interesting. What women doesn’t want to be sexy? and yes sometimes I hear I am perfect model size. Truth is, though, my bottom is not model size, and I kinda like that it is bigger, always have. So, Victoria Secret is SUCH a waste for me. They are so delicate and quite wonderful but not for people with a bigger trunk area. 🙂 When I found Hanes though I felt practically luxurious and sexy and they were INCREDIBLY plain. no lace, just cotton but it was comfortable and I felt good for once.

It took a great deal of effort to find the ones I wanted and I had to convince myself that I wasn’t being dowdy or nunish as a friend once called me.

It has taken research and effort and so many more things to get some of the things that just make me happy so finding true joy and true hope which isn’t so much on the market? Well, I guess I will have to dig deep.

Truly though, if you are reading this, I wouldn’t mind some partners in finding this hope and joy. Anyone offering a material, surface or the usual without a good enough reason….ye be warned.