I need hope, and move if you don’t wish to be stepped on

This is not about you but it may be for you.

This is about me even if it is not only true for me.

I need more than the usual because I am starving with what I have been taking.

Many people go on diets, quit jobs or simply alter their lifestyles, and I have!

…but it’s not enough.

I have been so focused on helping and listening that I have not listened to my own needs.

I need hope. I need to know the Prince will come even if I’m deep in the mines getting diamonds out of solid rock. I need to know he will be awesome and we will be awesome together even as other lives crumble.

I KNOW the statistics. I KNOW people are dying and need protection and all sorts of things but I am not yet in the position to help them and when I am if I am too empty to give them anything, how the ham-sandwich am I supposed to give them any true hope?

So for now, this is not about you, this is about me so that later it can be about providing for all of you when and if you need me.

I need true, core of the planet, burn within miles of kind of hope.

No apologies, no excuses, frankly my dear I just don’t give about you right now.

I NEED hope like I need a bowl of rise and gumbo or bouillabaisse.

So don’t bother me, I’m eating.