Happy late Library Lover’s Day

Sorry this is late.

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This is actually an Australian thing: https://alia.org.au/libraryloversday

However, how am I supposed to pass up such an opportunity?

Pintrest has loads of ideas on ways to celebrate and enjoy the day. As I was locked in my room for most of the day, taking a personal after a long day at Disneyland I missed out on celebrating. So this week I will be going to a different library from my main one and enjoying the fruits of a wonderful city. Seriously Los Angeles County is an amazing library.

(Don’t go to city, they don’t have the best stuff, sure their building are nice but they don’t put any work into maintaining a great catalogue of books.)

Not sure what I will be doing as of yet, but the one I am planning on going to has a wonderful magazine buffet so I may just let myself enjoy some binging as this is not my habit but I do enjoy it. Especially the food ones and the Wall Street Journal. 🙂

For the ones who brought you the most love stories on the planet, Happy Library lover’s day to you.

‘From Far Away’

Image result for from far awayKyoko Hikawa wrote a wonderful story here that is similar to Red River, if you have read this. I am not sure if I have written about this already but I have finished this work of art and wanted to review it’s stunning workmanship. I will try to leave out spoilers, but I would like to note that this particular story was finished in 2003.

The story is about a young lady who ends up in another world and has to relearn the language and customs through her hero a mysterious hunky warrior who is a bit rough on the edges but most obviously just trying to take care of her.

This is here side.

His side however is a lot more complex. She is actually a part of a prophesy that is part of a larger prophesy. She is a thing that will make the ‘Sky Demon’ come to life and the mysterious hunky warrior? He is that demon.

There is so much political intrigue, messed up egotistical megalomania going on that it is hard to see any goodness in this world. And that is kind of the point. A few people are really making everyone else’s life super hard.

The story itself is wonderful to read but also it had so many points that were downright… good. It talks so much about light and how we choose to do our small part and not just try to save the world. We can’t do it alone and we need help. We may do something so small and natural but to other people it is a major deal.

I cried several times.

I mean balling and weeping because it touched so many things from my past that I needed healing for.

I enjoyed the characters but my favorite character is actually Irk. He is so sweet and kind and I just enjoyed him popping up on so many occasions. Also the arc surrounding him was my favorite part of the story.
(For those who don’t know, an ARC is when a story has a sub-story that isn’t solved in one episode, but doesn’t always push the main plot forward.)

I have actually read much of this story before but had no idea as it has been sometime. I must not have finished it though and stopped somewhere around 6 or 7? The little pets is the one thing I remember.

This is a violent manga, but it is only 14 volumes. Not a whole lot of gore but still bloody. Worth a good week or 2 of reading. I would say weekend, but it is a bit intense and should be savored a bit more. Got them all from my library. 🙂

I thought the ending did well and I would enjoy reading it again. I kept a few of them still to take pictures of the parts that most touched my heart as I like to print them out and keep them as a reminder.

Lana Steel

Since yesterday wasn’t serious I feel no need to make this funny, but it will still be cool. I have been watching this youtube series that came out in 2015.

This is the whole thing on the playlist so you can watch the full hour in one go.

It is a bit corny, however, I think it is a fresh approach to the make-up tutorial concept in a geeky, fun way.

I am currently at 8 because I wanted to take my time. (aw man, she hit him with her hair!!)  I like it though because it kind of reminds me of the old Avengers series with Mrs. Peele. Just enough corn with some heat makes popcorn.

Was that too much corn? I’ll stop myself.

This sound right ch-ere

Okay today is a different Wednesday because it is just going so well. No serious today.

So today I heard this sound right here:


I didn’t plan to wake up to a dead phone.
Neither did I plan to be so chill about it, that it had to be God.
I didn’t plan to call at&t and have then send me a new one under the 12 month warranty.
With no deductible.
I didn’t plan to go on Facebook to let everyone no I would be sans phone.
I didn’t plan to find this song on Facebook either.
Nor did I plan to find that the topic of today was sound.

I just showed up into today and found a chill life.

And I like it.

‘Everything Everything


I’m going to avoid spoilers here, but if I slip I apologize.

This movie is a book I read and here it is becoming a movie. I don’t read to watch like some might. I just read what is interesting. This was definitely interesting. To have this young woman (who kinda looks like me honestly) who is tired of being trapped and meets an interesting guy who wants to enjoy life with her…

Well that’s the dream right? Or the fairytale?


I do know that the story has quite a few twists and reading it was entertaining. I would actually have liked to see a 5-10 years later epilogue but I’m not demanding it. The story wrapped up okay. 

This isn’t “the fault in our stars”. I have not read that but with pinterest and people it wasn’t hard to guess how that ends. 

I will always prefer the happy ever afters or as close as we can get with a psychologist help. Looking at you ‘Hunger Games’.

I did read this book in a short time so if waiting till the last minute before watching the movie is what you do, that will be fine with this. Just don’t skip too much. I skipped a coupleasure of important paragraphs closer to the end because I was rushing to find out what happened and ended up having to go back anyway. Meh.

Disney day

This is all you really need to know today. 

Live life and prosper

Self promise

Today I got this ring for myself.

After a little size debacle this $12 ring from Amazon is mine.

Past year was bad, promises to myself, long year short I wanted this as a promise to start taking care of myself and loving myself.

Most people are cool about this, it’s easy, a lot of people are selfish or just self-oriented. Some of us though have old files that say self-love is selfish instead of self-oriented. Tons of people who have said I am a bad person and need to act a fine line so I don’t hurt those around me. This caused stomach issues, neck pain and all kinds of emotional baggage and stilting. 

So here is my promise to me. Love and affection for God and myself first and then other people if I have enough in the tank. (I am slowly adding to the tank slowly I can give more to others as I would like to.)

Either way, happy.

Oh and I need to slowly oak this somewhere! I am taking a friend out for her 18th birthday. She doesn’t know but it will be her first trip to Disneyland. Her family and mine. We postponed from last Monday and I’m bursting. Had to ignore her today because all I could think of to say involved the words “we” and “disneyland”. I can apologize tomorrow. I’m barely making it though. Hahaha so exciting.