Last day

Today I did three things on ‘this year’-short term goal-mini bucket list.

Which makes 51 in total from this year when I started in January. I put myself 6th in line from God, family, friends, acquaintances and the rest of the world. That’s what I thought Christianity was about, and its really not. It isn’t about self indulgence either. It’s about walking hand in hand with God and where the two of you decide to go and what to do, the two of you make happen. Lots of conversations and all of wisdom going into the decisions that make up one single life. That may mean staying home and chilling, calling a friend and encouragin them or maybe it’s going out and telling tons of people how much God has helped you. 

Point is, my life really was about people telling me what God wanted, instead of simply asking him myself. 

This year of writing has been more of the asking but specifically about joy and he answered on a ton of ways. Sometimes I just dumped out my thoughts, others I walked and took pictures and posted them and my favorite: looking at what I want and making them happen. Chronicling the whole way. Not for anyone else, but to remind myself, this is for God AND me. And we’re doing good, I’m learning to roar in so many different ways; joy is only one.

Thanks for everyone who read, liked or commented, it really encouraged me. I won’t put a time on when I will exactly start up again or what I will post, but hope to see you soon.

Signing off for awhile, way more joyful than when I started:

Ariel, Lion of God ๐Ÿ˜‰


Le Dulce

The plan: a foodie “roadtrip”. I have 7 food places that I want to try and I will try to hit them all in one day. 

Starting in downtown LA and working my way to Culver City, I plan to go to:

  1. Le Dulce
  2. Louis B
  3. Chapaulines (that’s just food, going to Koreatown)
  4. Korean Fried Chicken (again, just food, but c’mon, where do ya think?)
  5. Chocolate Chair for Dragon’s Breath 
  6. Kogi Truck
  7. Azabu Sabo

The point is to spend less than $10 at each place and simply enjoy these places that I don’t take time to go to and/or simply pass by. The Kogi truck is the only one I’m not sure if I will make it, but I’m hopeful. We shall see.

Here’s le dulce:

Un/Planned small moments

2 more days of writing and I feel…like I want to scream. 


Today I was an extra in a web series that a guy was filming. I thought, why not? Nothing was going on at work and my supervisor said fine. 

The director/write reminded me of another gentleman who could draw me in as though he were made to do so. Such men, to me, are to be watched carefully. 


I’ve chosen to spend a month not writing, take a break. Afterward, I plan to focus more on several different projects that will simply keep me on task by showcasing at set points. That’s why school seems to work a lot better than “adulthood”, there’s a time limit to everything. While being an adult means all the time to do as you see fit or need to. 


In a world of people who think that every meeting is fate and every moment a possibility, I met a man today who gave a spark to that day, moment and time…and that’s all I needed.

A moment, not a lifetime at each othere throats or in each other’s hearts. Just a moment to give life to one another.

This too is what I need, small moments that give life to the moment, so my life is full of them and not simply one or two big moments and a dull life otherwise.

So this is me making time for planned moments of art and beauty and leaving space for unplanned moments of fun and surprise.

Joy for the week

This weekend I had an allergic reaction…to soap, maybe? Either way, I can’t drive heavy machinery, but still am on for work….which is just…an adult thing to get over. Point is I was scheduled at a different location, JUST THIS WEEK, and at this one we see VERY few customers and do art stuff for kids. 

But there were no kids.

So on the one week that I am too knackered to really do my job cuz of med I am able to chill and heal up without having to do the usual heavy lifting work.

And that is my joy for the week.

Today I did a thing

A big-small thing

I sent a message with a picture to a friend I am currently separated from to say how I used a birthday gift that they gave me.

We haven’t talked like we used to in over 6 months and that’s on me. I still need space because I am still hurting from all that occurred and trying to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Either way I finished this art project where she gave me paint. Took about 5 months in total from concept to finish, but I was done this week. Another friend had given me paper so I sent her a picture of the few that were on paper. 

Which made me think of this other friend who fills me with a writhing sense of my own failings. And I decided, NO, I won’t be pulled around by what happened, but instead live here and now and just send it…via email, so she won’t immediately text back and think I’m ready to talk. 

Hey, protective steps are good.

And within minutes I got a message back saying they were beautiful.

And that was it. 

No one died, no one was hurt, all was well.

So yeah, a small thing that for me is pretty big.

It may lift an 1/100th of the weight off the problem, but who cares, I’m “taking care of business” sing it with me “EVERYDAY!! Taking care of business!” 

*continues humming to self with a quick sashay*

Sorta pizza

Things like this make my day:

And this is due to stepping outside the box and landing on gold. A person can step out of the box and it’s ok what happens next. However when a person steps out with something new and comes back with epic tastiness, as a foodie and an artist, I truly appreciate their steps.

“One week in the library” review

This comic is rated mature, and it is…but it’s also simply…intense. it can be confusing, but in a doctor who way that is okay. Thing is, it’s also depressing. A lot of angst is just laced throughout and not in a healthy way to me. The comic broken up into the days of the week and shows a man who interacts with a fantastical library that seems kind of alive. We don’t find out more about him than those days involved, but what he himself knows. So unlike most stories where you enjoy knowing things because of other characters insight, this one is limited. Also there is a surprise ending that for ‘happily ever after’ fans wouldn’t be considered great at all, but I thought it ba lancet with the rest of the book. 

This will be the only one I read, but I’m not saying it was bad, just not for me. Like eggs.